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DUI Attorney Los Angeles

DUI Attorney Los Angeles

dui attorney downeyThe Law Office of Diego J. Weinsetel, DUI Attorney, can help defend you against a CA DUI conviction.  If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, it is critical to take swift action to protect yourself against a criminal conviction.  You need to work with a DUI Attorney that understands the laws and the challenges you are facing.  We will help you navigate the path of the options available that can help you avoid the enormous consequences of driving drunk.

Our firm is experienced with defending DUI cases throughout Los Angeles County cities of Los Angeles, Downey, Long Beach, Norwalk and all surrounding areas.  If you have experienced a DUI, a DMV hearing needs to be requested within 10 days of your DUI arrest. If not, the CA DMW will automatically suspend your driver’s license. We can help you with this as well as many other legal defenses to DUI, so that you have time to get your defense prepared properly.

Experienced DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles CA

There are many ways to avoid getting your driver’s license suspended, and even get a criminal DUI charge dismissed.  Here are some examples which we can determine if your case is eligible to utilize:

  • Lack of evidence for driving under the influence
  • Illegal arrest / detention
  • Improper blood collection
  • Successful performance of field sobriety tests
  • Violations of Miranda Rights
  • Non-sufficient evidence of impairment

The Law Office of Diego J. Weinsetel focuses on immigration including citizenship, deportation, obtaining green cards, DACA, and more. We also focus on criminal defense including felonies, misdemeanor, and DUI’s.  Located in Los Angeles CA, we serve clients in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County.  Contact us today to schedule an in-depth consultation in our office by calling (323) 213-3004.

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