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About Diego J. Weinsetel

About Diego J. Weinsetel

diego j weinsetel attorneyI am a native of Argentina, who came to this country in 1988 along with my parents and sister.  I worked in different jobs throughout my college years, ranging from delivering pizzas to warehouse work.  I had one goal in mind, which was to become an Attorney and nothing was getting in my way.  Going through college and while I was attending Law School, I became a U.S. Citizen in 2004.  I graduated from Cooley Law School, located in Michigan, Cum Laude in 2006.  I decided to return to California and help the community where I resided for so many years.  After passing the Bar and becoming an Attorney in 2008 I accepted an internship at a local law office of an immigration lawyer.  It was there when I realized how much work immigration lawyers had in their hands.  It became my goal to help those in need of immigration services.  Particularly, I became a “Trial Attorney” in immigration court.  That continues to be my passion today.  In addition I began practicing Criminal Law in order to help others in need of a competent defense in criminal court before facing immigration consequences.  I opened this office in 2010, and I proudly represent a diverse group of people.

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Diego J. Weinsetel

Attorney At Law

The Law Office of Diego J. Weinsetel focuses on immigration including citizenship, deportation, obtaining green cards, DACA, and more. We also focus on criminal defense including felonies, misdemeanor, and DUI’s.  Located in Los Angeles CA, we serve clients in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County.  Contact us today to schedule an in-depth consultation in our office by calling (323) 213-3004.

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