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Citizenship Attorney Los Angeles

Citizenship Attorney Los Angeles

citizenship attorney downeyAt the Law Office of Diego J. Weinsetel, Citizenship Attorney, we know that citizenship laws are always changing.  These cases can be very complex, and even the tiniest mistakes can cause unfortunate consequences. We are very diligent at our firm about taking our time, preparing, and making sure that each case is handled properly and effectively.

Our citizenship attorney has handled thousands of cases, and knows the questions to ask so that we can best serve you, and protect your rights.

Review the list below to see that we handle all types of citizenship issues.  We also have ample amounts of experience with handling in-custody and removal immigration cases.  You can be sure that your legal citizenship matter is in good hands with our firm.

We Handle the Following Types of Citizenship Cases

  • Naturalization (Citizenship) Applications (N-400)
  • Acquisition/Derivation of Citizenship Claims (N-600)

The Law Office of Diego J. Weinsetel focuses on immigration including citizenship, deportation, obtaining green cards, DACA, and more. We also focus on criminal defense including felonies, misdemeanor, and DUI’s.  Located in Los Angeles CA, we serve clients in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County. Contact us today to schedule an in-depth consultation in our office by calling (323) 213-3004.

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